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You Smell Like Smoke

Submitted by Rob on January 20, 2010 – 12:00 am5 Comments

You smell like smoke.”  Everyone who has ever enjoyed a fine evening out at the cigar lounge or has hung out with the boys (or girls) smoking some cigars has heard that sentence at some point in their life. Usually it only happens as your about to slide into that warm comfortable bed to pass out for the next 18 hours.

So we at have compiled some tips and suggestions to prevent this dreaded situation from ever happening again.  If you have anything to contribute, funny stories to share or just want to voice your opinions please do so in the comment section.

Smoking Jacket – Not only does a smoking jacket make you like instantly classy but having this garment will protect your shirt, arms and possibly neck from smelling like smoke. These are the areas of the body that will, mostly, come in counter with excess smoke. A true smoking jacket will also prevent any sort of loose ash from burning or staining your shirts. Scavenge your higher end department stores during the off season for jackets and suits (summer) to find the best deal available.

Smoking Wardrobe – Along with your shirts, know that your jeans/pants and even shoes will absorb the odor from our beloved cigars. As clothes go out of your regular wear or business rotation you can keep these pieces to use at your smoking sessions.  Cigar smoke does not easily leave some materials, such as jeans, so a simple wash may not do the job. Finally – the “old cigar smell” can easily transfer to other pieces of clothing when they are hanging in your closet or sitting in the dresser drawers. So keep a separate set of clothes! You may also consider buying athletic clothing (think Nike Dry-Fit) as these types of materials used are created to not retain any smells.

Fabreeze, Fabric Sheet, & Quick Run – If the budget doesn’t allow for some alternative smoking jeans, or any article for that matter, and keeping them in a separate storage area is not an option; you can always count on your trusty dryer! Spray the clothing down with a mild odor remover/cover-up such as Fabreeze until the article is damp. Insert the pieces into a dryer with a scented dryer sheet and give it a quick run on medium until they are no longer damp. This should make them suitable for storage and limit the strength of the smell.

Outside or Garage Storage – As we have stated earlier the smell from one piece of clothing to another can transfer by just being in the same proximity. Because of this we suggest you keep the clothes in an outside environment to allow them to naturally breathe.  If you cannot do this, try to keep them in a dry area that does not have any other fabrics such as a storage room or garage.

Wrap it Up – If you do not have the ability to keep your dirty clothes separate make sure to wrap them up. Place them in a dirty towel or a plastic bag prior to putting them in the hamper or laundry room. This will limit the exposure to other clothing and prevent any smell from lingering in the air.

Dr. Nicks Mouth Spray – Your palate, mouth, whatever you want to call it has direct contact with the hot smoke that will make removing the smell beyond difficult. Dr. Nicks Mouth Spray is a natural “breath purifier” that will remove the taste and smell from your mouth without the lingering alcohol taste other mouth sprays tend to leave. This is also good to carry around if you smoke more than one cigar in a single night (who only smokes one?) because it will quickly clean the palate and allow you to savor the second cigar as if it was your first of the day.

Wash Your Hands – Holding your cigar means this is the second most part of the body that comes in contact with the smoke. It makes the world of difference to simply wash your hands after your smoking fun time. Try to use a soap that has a light scent, or even mint, for best chance of removing the lingering cigar smell.  A natural soap bar or a scrubbing soap will remove any dead layers of skin that will trap the scent (and leave your hands feeling super smooth).

Take a Shower – Do I need to go into detail about showering and why it’s beneficial? So moving beyond the simple explanation know that the soap you use is very important. Again I would suggest using something that is slightly scented and that uses a mint to freshen up your skin. While the “men’s men” will hate this next part – you need to use a rough natural soap or luffa to clear dead skin. Not only will you remove dead skin but your significant other will love the baby smooth skin (and that means more “cuddle” time).

Wash Your Hair – Hair can and will absorb any odor it comes in contact with. Much like the hand washing advice and the shower advice, wash with something that has a light scent. You would be surprised how man “men’s smelling” shampoos you can find at the store.

Brush Your Teeth & Gargle – Okay – again I am not going into great detail as to why this is going to help you out. Just make sure to brush your teeth and use mouth wash. Crest makes a great mouth wash that doesn’t have a high level of alcohol for you super wimps (or people who generally hate the burning sensation).

Buy Expensive Gifts - What lady, girlfriend, wife, mistress (I’m kidding) or significant other can stay mad at you after giving them a much needed surprise present? No one can, nor will anyone debate that last sentence. What we really mean, is make sure you always show how much you appreciate the other half and they will always let you enjoy your free time, regardless of how you smell!

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  • Mike says:

    You’ve got to check out our website to learn more about GoneSmoke, the First Personal Smoke ‘n’ Odor Eliminator. You actually spray it over your hair and clothes and it completely removes smoke smells and other odors. GoneSmoke is virtually dry, completely safe and designed to be extremely effective. We’ve been recommended by Cigar Aficionado Magazine after GoneSmoke completely removed the smell of cigar smoke from the editor’s wool blazer after attending the Big Smoke Weekend! We’ve had many call it their new “smoking jacket,” and tons of cigar aficionado’s won’t live without it. We’re really surprised you haven’t heard of it! Trying it believing!

  • Pat Kennedy says:

    Did my wife tell you to write this?

  • Chris H. says:

    Another thing that works well is “Scent Killer” soap, or any of the scent eliminating soaps sold at sporting goods stores for hunters. I have found that washing my hands thoroughly with regular soap, then using this stuff afterwards, will completely eliminate cigar smells from my hands.

  • JNB Cigars says:

    My question is, what does any of this have to do with cooking eggs?

    Because if she’s not asking me how I want my eggs, I’m not explaining anything to her.

    I smoke 6-8 cigars a day, and I’m not explaining my smell to anyone. Deal with it, mother!

  • long_ashes says:

    Damn! 6-8. You are a true man, sir. I smoke 1-2, sometimes 3 but rarely. I deal with this same issue, people at work have voiced their “opinion” about me smelling like smoke when I enjoy a cigar at lunch. It bothers me a little but not enough to do anything about it.. yet. I am concerned though as I don’t want my habit to really bother others. A smoking jacket/clothes probably wouldn’t work when returning to work in the middle of the day but there has got to be something out there. Maybe Mike’s suggest is best.