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Restoring a Dried Cigar

Submitted by Rob on May 17, 2008 – 10:19 pmOne Comment

Patience and time.

Repeat that short sentence to your self over and over; this is the key to success when restoring your old dried out cigars. I will discuss the three most popular methods of resorting died out cigars.

Know This: If the cigar wrapper has broken, then the smoke should be discarded (it is impossible). A treatable stick is one that has an intact wrapper; this explicitly means no cracks and no unraveling. Deciding to speed up the restoration process can “shock” the cigars and cause them to burst.

First step: Remove the stogies from their cellophane wrappers, or cedar / aluminum tubes.

Second Step: Choose your method.

Quarter Turn Humidor Method:

Remove the lid on the box of cigars and place it in a large, walk in style, humidor to introduce them to humidity. The cigars should be rotated a quarter turn (1/4) every 2-3 days. Rotation process is complete after 2 full turns.

At this point the cigars can be removed from the box and placed individually into a humidor. Repeat the rotation process of one quarter turn (1/4) ever 2-3 days until 2 full turns is completed. Judgment is also necessary as it may take longer than two full rotations.

Ziplock Bag Cigar Restoration:

Open the box of cigars and place them inside a Ziploc bag that contains multiple holes allowing the free flow of air, close this bag. Now place this bag inside a larger Ziploc bag that contains a slightly damp sponge, also seal this bag. Follow the rotation of one quarter turn (1/4) every 2-3 days making sure the cigars on the bottom get humidity at the top of the box. For these processes make sure the sponge is always damp, never dry or never soaking wet – timeframe is 2 full rotations.

Step 3: Let them rest.

When the wrapper is smooth and even the cigars should go back into their original box and stored in the humidity, to rest, for 6-12 months.

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