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Season Your Humidor

Submitted by Rob on February 10, 2009 – 12:53 am2 Comments

Season Your HumidorYou have just purchased, received, or maybe even found a new humidor that you would like to put to good use. So what’s the first thing you should do?

Keep your cigars away!

Before your cigars can find a new home the humidor must be properly seasoned. The cedar inside the cigar humidor not only smells great but is actually part of the humidification system. Cedar does a very good job of holding moisture. Meaning – if you do not introduce the wood to a moist environment and prepare it for the cigars, it will steal the moisture from your precious smokes.

Very few items are needed to complete the job: distilled water, a clean cloth, and some time (maybe a couple of days).

Now for the warnings:
Distilled water is not an option. You CAN’T use regular tap water because it may contain chemicals and other elements that can ruin your wood, cigars, or all around flavor. Distilled water is a must.

Do NOT, ever, wipe down your humidor with a damp sponge or cloth. Doing so can cause the cedar to take on moisture at a high rate. Sometimes this will cause the wood to warp and ruin your fitting. Additionally because cedar can “suck in” the water – wiping may cause dark water spots. DO NOT wipe down your humidor with a wet cloth.

Let’s begin the process:

  • Wipe the inside of the humidor with the DRY cloth to remove dust, dirt, or general debris.
  • Remove the humidification system and place it face down in a bowl of distilled water. Make sure the system has absorbed enough water to “fill it” up. This could take around 30 minutes and when removed there should not be any dripping water.
  • Place the humidification system back into the humidor.
  • A shot glass of distilled water must now go in the middle of the humidor, and close the lid.
  • Time will vary by the size of the humidor but generally speaking you can open the box after 12 hours. Notice the shot glass is now less full as the water has been absorbed.
  • Put the hygrometer back into the humidor and fill the glass up with water again.
  • Wait 24 hours and make sure the humidor is maintaining a constant humidity you are satisfied with . A humidity level of 69%-71% should be perfect for your cigars.
  • When the humidor can sustain a constant humidity you have completed the process, you may have to recharge the “brick” or humidification system again.
  • Place your cigars in the humidor and give your self a smoke for all the hard work!
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  • Mr. Goodsmoke says:

    I am trying your suggestion for seasoning. Being an x carpenter, I know wood too, and think you are right on. I have a box of Perdomo Habano Corilo Torpedos and a box of Vegas de Tabacalera Esteli Churchills ready to go in along with a dozen of other finer cigars. Will let you know how it works out very soon. Thank you for taking so much care with my humi and smokes. I worked hard to try and fill it up.

  • Mr. Goodsmoke says:

    Wanted to let you know my cigars are aging as we speak. I also have a smaller travel humidor, that I am using for more frequent smokes so that I can keep the bigger humidor closed more. It is spot on the money at 68-71% humidity. My humidor did not seem to drink up much water at all though. I left it for quite a while. It could be the wood is not cedar. Many thanks, my neighbor is doing his now too.