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How to Purge a Cigar

Submitted by Rob on December 7, 2008 – 11:36 pm4 Comments

Purging your cigar is a practice that helps eliminate the “bitter” taste or flavor that commonly happens at some point during your smoke (usually the end). The taste you are trying to rid is made up of tar and oils that have accumulated within the unburnt tobacco because of the smoke that travels through. True to the definition of purge, you will be removing the build up in the cigar tobacco.

Many cigar smokers will also use cigar purging to “revive” an old stick that may have been sitting overnight. That’s right – People have claimed that the purging practice can restore a cigar to “just-like-new” status after it has been sitting for long period of times.

How to Purge Your Cigar:
If your cigar starts to taste bitter or if you are relighting the smoke you will need to clear the end of any ash. The cigar should be lit – so if you are going to purge a cigar after it has gone out (which everyone should do) you must make sure the end is red hot with your trusty lighter.

*Do not inhale on the cigar* Now simply take in some fresh air, place the cigar to your mouth, and blow out (DO NOT INHALE ON THE CIGAR). You do not need to do anymore than 3 full cycles (breath all the way in-breath all the way out).

You have now purged your cigar.

Make sure the cigar is still lit and enjoy the “refreshed” flavor.

Please note: is providing you this information so you can test it and form your own opinion.

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