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Cigar Bands On or Off?

Submitted by Rob on June 29, 2008 – 6:38 amNo Comment

Do you smoke with the cigar band on or off? This is a cigar question that is asked by many in the hobby.

The quick answer is this: Old European etiquette says remove it, however you really might want to keep it on.

Cigar bands as of late have become quite the marketing tool. Bands from Alec Bradley, Perdomo, CAO and many others are elaborate. The embossed, multi-colored, even gold specked bands are not only predominately placed but are also securely glued on the cigar (I wouldn’t want my expensive cigar band to just come off either).

For this vary reason alone it is not unheard of to damage the cigar wrapper attempting to pull off a band so that you can comply with “proper etiquette”.

So let me make a suggestion: Leave your cigar band on while smoking – at least for a little bit.

Smoking with the band on will allow to heat from the cigar / smoke to weaken the glue. Thus you can then pull the cigar band off and not ruin the actual stick. Not only will you not damage the cigar, but you will have a perfectly removed band that can be used for collecting.

Modern cigar makers have also stated that smoking a cigar with the band, or without, is a personal choice.

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