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Submitted by Rob on August 13, 2009 – 2:20 pmNo Comment

ipcpr-day-2Wanting to kick off day two in a big way, literally, we headed back over to the Gran Habano booth to hang out with Mr. George Rico. Gran Habano’s is coming out with a cigar called the Czar. This huge stick is 6×66, will a price point of about $8, and is going to be limited to 2000 boxes (all boxes are numbered). Mr. Rico was able to provide me one to smoke, and while a bit intimidating, it was indeed a fantastic smoke. Expected release date is towards the end of September. In other news the 3 Siglos is going to be changing their name to the 3SLS. The 3SLS will also receive a new Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and is expected to ship the end of August.

Moving along we came across a couple of interesting booths worth mentioning. First was Torque, a cigar company I wasn’t able to find information on. I went up to their booth but they just had some cool cars displayed. Maybe next time they will provide me with information.

Nearby was a company called Great Wall and as the name suggests this is a company from China. They were there to introduce us to a new, high-tech, more efficient, I got so bored I stopped listening, way to grow tobacco so cigars can be made for the U.S. market. I was unable to get a definitive answer on if they have found a way to somehow infuse lead into the tobacco products they will produce.

Next on my list was the CAO booth to check out the new La Traviata cigar and motorcycle. Caramelo Joe also made its introduction as a new flavored cigar in the CAO lineup. All the other cigars CAO offers were there making an appearance, absent from last year were the flavor girls.

General Cigar Company had a pretty big section on the convention square. They have a new “boutique” cigar they are introducing. General Cigar Company is specifically telling all the retailers that they are NOT supposed to place this near the other General products. It must sit with the other boutique cigars on the shelves. Sadly enough the cigar is still…. Just a general cigar that General would put out. Oh – and if you care the new cigar is called the Upper Cut.

On more pressing matters, and properly placed by the Arganese booth, we noticed that Notorious B.I.G. blunt wrappers are coming out.

Havana Humidor had the most interesting cigar shapes on the show room floor. Pipes. That’s right, they were rolling cigars shaped as pipes. I didn’t get the chance to smoke one, or even see one being smoked, but it was certainly cool looking. They also had a roller on hand putting on a good show.

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