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Submitted by Rob on August 10, 2009 – 3:09 am3 Comments

IPCPR Event CoverageThe first day of the IPCPR event kicked off quite smoothly. As you walked into the convention area early in the morning you could just smell hundreds of different tobaccos being smoked. Your eyes automatically glance around at all the great booths and setups the companies have put together for us this year. We, puffingcigars.com, did not have any plan of attack and simply decided to jump from point to point to see if we could find any hidden gems that might catch our eye.

The first booth I made a point to seek out was from a company called Curivari. They are a European company that attended the 2008 event and were supposed to launch the same year. However after speaking with them it turns out they weren’t going to be able to meet the demand in the U.S.A. so held back for one additional year. I know you haven’t heard of this brand, heck they aren’t even launched yet, but let me tell you right now: This cigar is simply amazing. Additionally, the people behind the company are courteous and amazing to deal with.

La Aurora was the next stop so I could take a look at the 100 Anos limited production lancero. Everything looked great from behind the glass case but no samples were available so that we could verify the hype. Released in time for the holidays, Preferidos will come in boxes of 10 and boxes will be released with every cigar (if you collect) included. This collection package is called the Treasure Chest.

Does anyone like vodka? Or has anyone heard of a company called Hammer + Sickle? Okay, well Hammer + Sickle is a premium vodka brand that is entering into other luxury markets – cigars. I know, I know, I know, normally I wouldn’t care too much but they are doing some really cool things. First of all their boxes that the cigars are shipped in are glass. Yes, a thick, really nice glass case is sent every time your local B&M places an order. I was provided some samples of this cigar and will be doing a full review to see if it’s worth anything.

Perdomo is stepping up their cigar game by not only introducing some new cigars (I will get to that later) but by also releasing some very beautiful cases, humidors, lighters and cutters. The cases, lighters and humidors are made of this soft Italian leather that feels like butter melting in your hands. The most exciting thing is that it comes out with a very affordable MSRP that anyone can cope with. Cigars being introduced will be the Champagne Magnum 50 in a tube, new blends for the 10th Anniversary and some boxed pressed sizes. The most exciting thing would have to be their Patriarch cigars being released. The best way to describe the cigar was put to me like this: Using the same stuff, if not better, components as Davidoff without the crazy price tag. So what’s the price tag? Under 10 bucks (depending on your local taxes).

Prometheus Humidors easily caught my attention with a new limited edition God of Fire set. The theme for the collection is The Lost City. The humidors are bright and vibrant in red, blue and yellow and come with 50 unreleased Opus. This baby carries a MSRP of about $2,000 so save you lunch money.

Arganese sucks. That being said they are coming out with a cigar called SCHIP-This to help the cigar buyer with his taxes. Mr.Crafty, Gene Arganese, decided to tie cigars end to end with a thing leaf of tobacco so that it would technically count as one large stick. You pay tax on 1 cigar, when in reality you get two. The blends go unchanged, which is unfortunate because his cigars still suck. I would have taken a picture but I didn’t want to give them the impression that anyone would actually be interested in buying his cigar stuff.

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