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Red Lingerie

Submitted by Rob on June 10, 2009 – 1:39 amOne Comment

Cigar Smoking GirlsWhat a beautiful cigar smoking, red lingerie wearing, cigar puffing blond lady that I would like to … take out to coffee and find out how she got interested in the fine art of tobacco.

So is anyone else out there having any kind of luck finding these type of cigar smoking women at the local park (or something similar)? Now, I know there are tons are great gals out there that enjoy great stogies. However I’m talking about the kind that like to lounge around in their red lingerie all day and are ready to please with a cigar or a good… espresso.

In my mission to find this type of perfect cigar loving lady I will create online dating profiles at every website on the internet. List my hobbies as cigar smoking, talking about tobacco, and occasionally showering. My ideal first date, and hers, would have to be to the local B&M to try to newest arrival. It will be an absolute requirement that she always be in lingerie – or less.

I have a feeling the cigar women are gonna be running my way!

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