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Submitted by Rob on June 15, 2008 – 10:44 am3 Comments

The XIKAR Xi3 cigar cutter is something that I had recently added to my collection after a short trip to Las Vegas. It was around 10am when I decided to leave the poker table, the same poker table I had been sitting on for the last 8 hours. Running on a high from the winning streak and feeling a bit privileged for not being down; I decided to treat my self to my favorite stop. Casa Fuente.

To fast forward this story I purchased a wonderful smoke and quickly realized I had nothing to cut it with at the hotel. Then she caught my eye: the XIKAR Xi3 Redwood. Upon picking it up I first took note to how great it felt in my hand, mostly due to the weight. The XIKAR felt solid.

The body is polished to a high gloss that reflects the deep color of the wood. The release button feels equally as sturdy and quickly opens the cutter up allowing it to accept cigars up to a 58 ring gauge. I was really hooked after the first cut; you could hear the click as the blades moved back into a closed secure position, you notice the cut was effortless, and everything in general was perfect.

This is a great cigar cutter that any avid smoker should at least consider buying. XIKAR provides a lifetime guarantee, they are willing to sharpen the blades for you if they so happen to loose their cutting edge.

Something To Consider: I know this will not effect most people. I have not been able to find a cigar lighter that matches the cutter. I always feel like they are out of sync when I hand the mismatched lighter and cutter to someone.

XIKAR Website

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