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The Smoking Jacket

Submitted by Rob on September 22, 2008 – 10:11 pm5 Comments

Smoking Jacket.

Did I just conjure up a mental image of Hugh Hefner walking around in a red colored jacket, pipe in hand, and nearly nude bunnies running all around?

Or perhaps you took the more mature route and pictured black and white movies. They always had the lead actor in a smoking jacket enjoying a fine cigarette, pipe, or cigar after accomplishing something meaningful (such as completing dinner).

Reality of it is the smoking jacket stems from a time when men were true “gentleman” and women had to be protected from the rancid smell of smoke. Ladies had nostrils too sensitive for the smoke to linger on their partners clothing, or so it was believed. Men would go as far as putting on cap to protect the hair (smoking slippers too). Aside from just strictly protecting the gentle women – The jacket would also protect coats, shirts, and pants from ash or cigar burning incidents.

This is the exact reason every true smoke, and gentleman, should own a smoking jacket.

The Classic Smoking Jacket.
Classic Smoking Jackets are cut longer than the regular jackets sitting just past the waist. The material would be a rich colored velvet or silk, it would have a shawl collar, and turn-up cuffs. Multiple buttons would keep the double breasted jacket securely closed and extremely formal.

There was another style smoking jacket that resembled more of a shower robe (as we would know it today). This slightly less formal jacket was loosely cut and sashed, had patched pockets, and was secured with a tassel. Smoking jackets of this nature were typically worn around the house after dinners or during entertainment with close friends.

Colors were typically a deep bottle green, red-burgundy(ish), and sometimes a deep colored blue. All were elegant and always stylish.

Smoking jackets as the ones described above are now very rare and hard to come by- this means they demand a high price tag (if you aren’t buying the costume kind they sell during Halloween). Attention will come you way wearing one of these jackets outside the comfort of your home, so confidence is a must.

The Modern Smoking Jacket.
Can you not fathom spending hundreds of dollars on a jacket that is to only be worn at home? Or maybe you do not want that kind of attention if you wear it at your favorite cigar lounge. Allow me to introduce you to the modern smoking jacket:

The modern smoking jacket is a stylish piece that can be worn while in a lounge, out in public, and works with any style of clothing (jeans, chinos, wingtips, loafers, etc). It is possible to locate your new jacket at a local department store that has a suit/blazer section. As any blazer you purchase today you will see an assortment of sizes and cuts (ask and you will get many, many options) – so take the time to speak to your expert. Get something that makes your comfortable.

Keeping to its roots: Your primary color choices will be the red-burgundy(ish), bottle green, and deep blue. However you will also find some very sleek looking cream, brown, and even black velvet jackets

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