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The Best Lighter – Under A Dollar

Submitted by Rob on September 29, 2009 – 8:41 amOne Comment

lED-lighterEveryone’s been in that certain situation. You know, the situation where you are suddenly beckoned to go out for a night of bars, roughness, and headaches in the morning. It’s the type of night that leaves you slowly staggering to your cellphone the next day at the early hour of 1 p.m. You cautiously read all the text messages that describe exactly what type of jackass you were the evening prior.

After some power water drinking you start looking for your car keys, the bank card, and even your beloved cigar lighter. Realizing the card is still at the last bar you start to breath easy. Your girlfriend sends you a text message letting you know your wallet is in the car. But what about that lighter? Did you give it to some random people to light their cigars or cigarettes? Were people passing it around as a community flame? Either way the lighter is gone forever.

You now have two choices:

  1. But a brand new lighter and never go out again or…
  2. Buy the perfect party lighter for just under a buck!

I am referring to a BIC lighter.

May people tend to forget that the BIC lighter is a butane filled. This is the same butane that goes into your Dupont or the Lotus L29 premium lighters (if you don’t get too technical). This convenience store lighter is capable of creating a flamer bigger than a match, more controlled, and is dispensable enough to loose it.

Additionally, a majority of the BIC lighters today are electronic light (good for over 3,000 starts) and have an opening on the bottom for refilling purposes. If that’s not incentive enough, these lighters also come with a little push button LED light.

What else can you ask for when spending a dollar?

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