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Stinky Cigar Ashtray

Submitted by Rob on June 14, 2010 – 6:00 amOne Comment

There are very few items in life that you can stare out, laugh, and ponder why you weren’t the person to come up with such a brilliant yet simple concept.  Joining the ranks of the post-it note, Showtime Rotisserie (Set it, and forget it!) and any other simply amazing product is the Stinky Ashtray.

Stinky ashtrays were born as a stainless steel bowl, typical of a kitchen mixing dish, that has oval shaped “cigar stirrups” spot welded on the edge to hold the cigar firmly in place. It would be deep enough to hold hours of smoking ash, wrappers, cedar and anything else a small group would discard during a standard HERF session. And that is it. The Stinky is very simple, functional and the ashtray finally became beautiful.

So how did all of this come about? According to the website “I developed this ashtray out of a need at our weekly herf. We need bigger ashtrays! The first Stinky Cigar Ashtray was a second hand silver bowl that I had for years. In January of 2004, I took three souvenir coins to a radiator shop and had them soldered to the rim. The guys loved it and wanted me to make some for them. It was a lot of work, so I said no. Each week they would repeat their desire to have a large bowl ashtray.

I guess it’s safe to say the rest was history. Today I can say that the Stinky ashtray is the standard for cigar companies presenting at shows (IPCPR) and just about every cigar lounge around the country. It also comes to no surprise that Stinky has also implemented some great changes to help evolve his product even further.

Consumers now have the ability to purchase various sizes (HERF Edition holds 3 gallons of ash), floor stand models, handles for easy carrying/dumping and my personal favorite the Powder Coated models. The Powder Coated ashtrays are the new “smaller-taller” editions that stand 6.5 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter that still hold the same amount of ash as the original design.  Powder Coating helps keep the bowl in pristine shape for the wet environments and cool to the touch in the hot climates. Each of the black and brown color combination’s are still capped with the stainless stirrups that creates a brilliant and eye-catching contrast.  You can acquire one of these new ashtrays for a small investment of about $35 and is well worth the “investment” because it is one of the few smoking accessories your wife (or non-smoking other half) won’t mind keeping on display.

As a quick side note, and story I think everyone can relate to, this is how Stinky got his name: “Stinky got his name from his wife when he started smoking cigars and came into the house with that familiar odor.

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