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S.T. Dupont Lighters

Submitted by Rob on January 15, 2009 – 2:07 pm3 Comments

S.T. Dupont GatsbyKenji Toma, writer for luxury publication Best Life Magazine, says it best: “There are certain things so well crafted or technically precise that they make you feel smarter just for owning them, others so wonderful to look at that holding them in your hands brings a smile to your face, and some so simple and useful that they become part of your daily life, even part of your identity.”

For anyone looking for this type of feeling – try a S.T. Dupont lighter.

The name S.T. Dupont comes from the founder, Simon Tissot-Dupont who founded the company in 1872. Originally the Dupont company was manufacturing luxury leather goods. In 1920 the business was handed on to his two sons who brought the company to an international platform. At the beginning of World War II S.T. Dupont mad his first lighter for The Maharajah Of Patiala (a king) who wanted a portable lighter that could be carried around in a case. Thus, luxury portable lighters are born and introduced into the world.

World-renowned, these coveted objects are purchased, and offered, as if they were jewels.

Today S.T. Dupont still creates lighters of pure luxury that fits in the palm of your hands. The Dupont starts out as a solid piece of brass that is carefully handcrafted and can come in any style of solid gold, accented or created with beautiful diamonds, palladium, and even decorated with lacquer.

Each individual lighter created will go through 600 operations, 300 tests and over 100 hours of work. Serial numbers are etched on the bottom and the artist or creator may inital or sign his name on the inside of the casing.

Is S.T. Dupont worth the money?
That’s the magic question at hand. The short answer has to be: No. A BIC lighter produces fire just like a S.T. Dupont. Matches can be obtained from any establishment and this simplistic method is even capable of producing fire. But when you start putting a little more thought beyond “fire” you will realize it might just be a good idea to invest.

A cigar smoker will spend, on average, $10 for a single hour of enjoyment. This activity may carry on many times a week – so how often do you handle a flame? How often do you light, re-light, and correct a cigar? Regardless of your answer you still spend $10 for a single hour of enjoyment. S.T. Dupont lighters start at $500  (not exact pricing) but will stay with you for a lifetime, or longer if you decide to pass it on, and it will become part of your everyday life.

What did the lighter do for me?dupont
Living in the 21st century means my life is surrounded by cell phones, video messages, and setting up a date via somespace-book-twitter system.

Yet I can still get away from it all by stepping outside and pulling the beautiful silver piece from my jacket pocket. My fingers have a slight pull due to the weight – a true feeling of quality. With ease I flip the top and hear perfect-pitch “ping” that vibrates in my mind. My thumb glides across the lighter and initiates the perfect flame to light my cigar. The S.T. Dupont has never failed to light on first strike, it has never failed to take my mind back in time, and it has never failed to bring a smile to my face.

I look forward to passing this timeless lighter, the feeling of quality, this pure simplicity on to my son as he makes his transition into adulthood.

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