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Rocky Patel Event Dual Torch

Submitted by Rob on November 23, 2009 – 1:00 am4 Comments

Rocky Patel Dual TorchWe’ve gotten a lot of questions and comments lately wondering we haven’t featured more of Rocky Patel’s cigars on our website. The truth is between the cigars released via the different catalogs and shops we would be doing a review just about every day. BUT – to please you Rocky Patel fans out there we have decided to review the best thing Rocky has put his name to in a while: The Rocky Patel Event Dual Torch Lighter.

The Rocky Patel Event Dual Torch lighter is a sleek pull down piece of machinery that comes in black, gunmetal and silver colors. The all metal body gives it a nice heavy feel in your hands and is slim enough to fit in your jeans without taking up too much space.

The slide down ignition is easy to use for our large fumbling hands that sends two jets of fire shooting towards your cigar. These jets are are covered by a big metal top that snaps firmly in place to prevent any unintentional lights.  The only markings on the body is the “RP” logo that is printed in the middle and has yet to come (yes we tried to take it off with our keys).

Towards the bottom of the body is a very large and easy to read fuel meter that displays the amount of fuel in the Rocky Patel torch. The fuel capacity is very large and holds more than a months worth of heavy cigar lighting.

The bottom has a small but adequate punch that pops out revealing the fill nozzle and the flame adjuster.  The flame adjuster does require a very small flat edge to move. So adjusting the flame is not an easy thing on the go but this does prevent a surprising light if you happen to toss it around a bit.

Rocky Patel Event Dual Torch is the perfect lighter for all you Rocky Patel fanatics to add to the collection or for people who need a lighter with a large capacity. MSRP for the dual torch is about $60 but like most of Rocky Patel’s items you can find it for less than half online.

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  • CigarsThomas says:

    I used this and worked perfectly. I only use large torches (making up for my small, o nevermind lol) but I enjoyed this.

  • Mr. C says:

    I picked up one of these and it worked like a charm at first. Although it is build very solid and worked great in the beginning the device now takes numerous attempts to light, and then continues to sputter out. Yes, there is plenty of fuel, it is also audible, and there is a consistent spark. Any suggestions?

    • Stogie Fiend says:

      did the problem arise after refilling? It could be that the lighter needs to be purged…all air and fuel removed before refilling…that or maybe you got some bad fuel

      • Mr. C says:

        No, the fuel is the same as first injected. I will bring it back to the shop and they can fuss with it. If it does not work after that they can just give me a new one. Life is difficult enough without a bad lighter, right? Thanks for your thoughts.