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Breath Neutralizer

Submitted by Rob on October 21, 2008 – 9:00 amOne Comment

New and old cigar smokers alike are asking the same question: How do I get rid of cigar breath?

You may be pushed to find a solution for many reasons – but everyone knows the truth. Your significant other wont talk, kiss, lay, or even look your way unless you clean up.

Dr. Nick’s Breath Purifier is the solution.

Dr. Nick’s Breath Purifier is a small  (size of a chap stick), easy to carry mouth spray that does not cover up the stale taste or smell- this product actually removes it.

The official product description is as follows:

Dr. Nick’s Breath Purifier is dentist formulated from 100% natural ingredients and Lycitrate, proven to combat the main causes of bad breath while improving oral health. It actually purifies your breath and doesn’t just cover up odor. Dr. Nick’s Breath Purifier is alcohol free, tastes great, and will leave your mouth feeling fresh.

Using this product really will cleanse your pallet.

Many cigar companies and even cigar reps will carry Dr. Nick’s Breath Purified because it will allow you to smoke one cigar after another (don’t let the old cigar alter the taste of your new cigar).

The bottle is small and usually goes for about 100 sprays (you only need one to clean up).

Cost: $3 (on average)

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One Comment »

  • TOB9595 says:

    Thanks so very much for this post.
    I’ll be trying this Dr. Nick’s Breath Purifier …tomorrow most likely soon as I find it.