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Jobon Flip Top Single Flame Torch Butane Lighter

Submitted by David Carley on September 30, 2011 – 5:29 amNo Comment

Whenever you think of someone smoking a premium cigar in a movie from the 40′s-50′s you always think of them lighting it with a Zippo. Then in the 70’s and 80’s anyone lighting a cigarette was using one and it became a standard to many smokers everywhere. If you didn’t have a Zippo lighter you just weren’t “cool”. Now during an age where we go through all the trouble in the world to keep our cigars as fresh and as unchanged as possible so the lighter fluid Zippo just doesn’t cut it. You may as how can you look “cool” using something similar to a Zippo but not ruin your cigar.

Here is your answer it is the Jobon Flip Top, it comes in beautiful gold and silver. It makes a perfect everyday lighter for just about any cigar smoker. I personally love this handy little lighter and very often people are surprised at its amazing quality. It lights every single time and feels as sturdy and as though as any other light I own.

My first experience with this lighter I was sitting out on my porch after a long day at work and was ready to light up one of my favorite sticks, an Arturo Fuente Hemingway perfecto. I was a little worried that this little lighter might not be up to the challenge of lighting such a great cigar. To my surprise it did a wonderful job I had no trouble at all. This lighter caught my attention as soon as I opened it I noticed the great craftsmanship of it and how reliable the light was.

As I continue to smoke the Hemingway I realized that instead of thinking about how great the cigar was I was very happy with the lighter. I started to think of how great a gift this would be for anyone of my friends that enjoyed smoking. I have recently used this as my main lighter anywhere I go it is very slim so it fits into your pocket so well. I have already bought one for a friend of mine and he loves it too. I would highly recommend this lighter for anyone who would like an alternative to that old Zippo.

Many thanks to for great selection and excellent products!

Review by: David Carley

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