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Submitted by Oliver on September 23, 2011 – 5:35 amNo Comment

We know a lot of things about cigars, their storage and proper conditions, etc. and almost nothing about humidors – one of the most important things in our cigars’ existence. Who was the person to sit and think: hey, I need a shelter for my stogies? How did they look at first? What materials did they use to make a humidor?
Let’s get back to the basics first. There was a man called Terence Manning who lived in Ireland and who has just come back from South Africa in 1880. He brought with him some knowledge about fine wood and various tips on how to work with it. Moreover, he knew places where he could get rare woods from and people to whom he could sell his production. Thus, the Manning family woodworking business began.
So what for did I tell you this story? Simply because namely this family is believed to start producing humidors a lot of smokers throughout the world badly needed during that period. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find any pictures of their craftsmanship but I think their first humidors looked in the following way approximately:
True pieces of art, isn’t it? And I wouldn’t mind having one of those cabinet-humidors in my own study.
The Manning craftsmen used the finest wood for their humidors, like Brazilian mahogany and Spanish cedar. The humidors were always hand-made part of furniture (they didn’t invent the handheld humidor yet ) and needed around 6 months to be finished, besides they didn’t have any hygrometers and humidifiers inside them to maintain humidity. But who cared? They were beautiful and classy, and came exactly in time when cigar lovers around the globe wanted something to store their cigars in.
The Manning Humidors company is still operating in Ireland and is making humidors for worldwide distribution, as well as for the Ashton family – their own humidors crafted in the land of green pastures. Of course, their modern humidors are equipped with all necessary elements to maintain proper humidity and protect cigars from external influence. But they are still hand-made and require special skills and one of the most high-quality materials to be crafted and afterwards considered top humidors from the world.

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