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Colibri Firebird Kahuna Lighter

Submitted by Rob on December 4, 2008 – 2:46 amNo Comment

Purchasing a Colibri Firebird, or any Colibri, seems like a bit of a gamble after reading various reviews on cigar forums. The Colibri Firebird Kahuna lighter is $12-$15and that is a great price point for a “name brand” piece. So decided to take the gamble and see if the lighter can handle our abuse over here.

The Firebird has a great weight and really feels solid in your hand. It has a silver accent piece where the lid lift opens that makes the lighter look nice with the gun metal color. Lines where the lid and body meet are very smooth yet the lid is still easy to flip open. The size was perfect – it was small enough to keep in your pants pocket with comfort and large enough to handle with ease.

Firebird Kahuna has an easy to click button that activates the jet. For the entire time we had the lighter (about a year) it rarely failed to light after one click. This is a single jet lighter that is adjustable. Adjusting the flame requires a small tool, key, or something strong to turn the nob. I actually prefer this because it lets the lighter stand up on a table and you wont accidentally set it on “super kill“.

Being a single jet means you do not have to fill the lighter very often. This lighter is only refilled maybe once a month, but it had the job of lighting more cigars then any average smoker (I would guess).

The Cons
The gun metal color came off a bit on the back of the lighter exposing the metal color. Keep in mind we were not easy on this lighter: it was dropped, thrown, kicked, and washed.

This gamble sure paid off. The Firebird Kahuna by Colibri was worth every penny. We didn’t have a single jet, fill, button, or any other kind of issue you can think of. Also keep in mind that Colibri lights all come with a warranty – So pick up this lighter and enjoy your smokes.

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