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Cigar ashtrays

Submitted by Oliver on July 27, 2012 – 7:34 amNo Comment

Have you ever thought about how many ashtrays there are to choose from? When I started smoking cigars, I never really cared about them, and bought the first I saw at a cigar store. A nice looking wooden ashtray, it proved to be a good investment, designed to hold my cigar in the most convenient way. Today I have learned that you could find ashtrays from different material, of a different shape to fit any taste.

There are several basic materials ashtrays are usually made from, and these are the following:
Ceramics, Wood, Glass, Porcelain, Plastic, Stainless Steel and Wood.

A ceramic ashtray always looks elegant and classy -no matter its color and shape. I personally prefer black ceramics – it looks expensive (I mean, exquisite) and doesn’t seem to look like a plate like the white colored. ;) It is easy to clean; moreover, it won’t absorb any cigar odor if that is an issue for some of your family members. ;)

A glass astray is beautiful on its own and looks very fragile at the same time. However, the manufacturers make it from a very thick layer of glass – they know that we, smokers, like pairing our smokes with some hard drinks and may accidentally drop such an ashtray to the floor. And, this ashtray is very easy to clean and could become a fine decoration for your desk.

Porcelain ashtrays look quite similar to the ones made from ceramics. But, buyer, be aware, it is much more fragile than a ceramic one and may not serve even for a week.

A plastic ashtray, hum, well, I already expressed my opinion :) – it’s a cheap temporary support for your precious stogie, just in case you are smoking your cigars somewhere outside your habitual smoking area. Anyway, it has its pluses – it is hardly to break, just with a hammer, and weighs a nothing – if it drops at your foot, you won’t even sense that. ;)

A stainless steel ashtray is something that could stay with you for eternity; you can even become sick of it. It is as solid as a concrete foundation, and will never become rusty, no matter how many times you spill whiskey on it. :)

Wooden ashtrays are a good choice for a cigar smoker who prefers classics to everything else, especially if they come with a metal bottom – easy to clean, making them serve you for a longer time than those that are completely wooden. They won’t likely break to pieces if someone drops them at the floor, like a ceramic ashtray.

Ashtrays usually have from 1 to 3 and 4 cavities on their sides – to let you put aside your cigar for a moment, while you are holding a nice conversation or drinking a glass of tequila. Your companion (s) could also set his/her cigar aside – 4 cavities are ideal in that case.

Please also note that ashtrays could have various shapes – they could be oval, triangular, rectangular, octangular and also have some of that cosmic design I hardly understand. It’s only you to decide which one to choose from such a great variety.
Good Luck!

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