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Adorini Sorrente Deluxe Humidor

Submitted by Oliver on May 25, 2010 – 3:00 am4 Comments

A great Humidor has always been a synergistic marriage of form and function. What I mean by this, is that a finely constructed humidor not only acts as a microenvironment for one to keep their cigars in peak condition, but has a secondary function of being an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture. The Adorini Sorrente Deluxe, 75 count humidor, not only meets, but exceeds those expectations!

I have owned a few humidors in my time, and most of them have been fairly decent in quality, but they ultimately lack in either the functionality department or the aesthetics department. There has always seemed to be an imbalance, but Adorini has bridged the gap in the construction of their Sorrente Deluxe.  The first thing one tends to notice about the humidor is its glossy smooth exterior with its brilliantly detailed leaf in the center of the lid. While I would figure that one would either love or hate the leaf, I think it adds a lovely character touch to the presentation! At its heart it is a proud symbol of the treasures that lay below, and what cigar smoking is all about.

Beneath its bold and beautiful exterior lies the litmus test of its construction, the Spanish Cedar.  The Spanish Cedar interior is unique to Adorini in that they utilize a new design called “Rib Tech.” The idea behind Rib Tech is that the ribbed interior allows for better circulation of air in the humidor. The bottom slats of cedar are also unique in that they can move a bit, thus allowing for expansion of the wood in high humidity situations.  As a final touch on the interior Adorini also provides slot dividers that can be configured in a variety of manners to compartmentalize one’s cigar collection into separate zones, so that their respective flavors don’t co-mingle over time.

The final aspect of the Adorini Sorrente Deluxe is it’s precision hair calibrated hygrometer, and gold plated humidifier with sliding ventilation openings to allow for precision humidity control. Both are nice features that add a quality fit and finish to the overall product.  Perhaps one of the nicest aspects of these components are the way in which they are fastened to the inside of the humidor.  The hygrometer and humidifier are able to be optimally placed with a concealed magnet that resides under the wood of the humidors lid.  No more sticky pieces of Velcro or glue magnets that tend to fade with time in this box.

After following the instruction manual for initial humidor setup, I watched and monitored the humidor over the next few weeks to see how it would do. Having observed the humidor I can say that it does indeed perform nicely. The humidity has been staying around 70%, and has required little effort in the realm of maintenance. Some humidors require quite a bit of vigilance in the initial stages to ensure that humidity fluctuations stabilize, and that you don’t have a poorly sealed humidor; with the Adorini that simply wasn’t the case. The humidity stabilized relatively quickly and it has remained consistent throughout. I have since only adjusted the humidifier once to account for the seasonal shifts of heat in Arizona, but other than that the humidor has performed admirably.

In conclusion I would highly recommend the Adorini Sorrente Deluxe for any buyer who likes a smaller humidor with a refined finish, and consistent microenvironment for their cigars. It retails online for around $270.00 USD, and comes fully equipped and ready to go.  As an added bonus, and perhaps one of the best features I have ever seen with a humidor, is it’s comprehensive manual, that not only walks you through the set-up process, but also explains how each part works, and best practices when it comes to establishing and maintaining your humid microenvironment!  Adorini has done an admirable job in taking innovative steps in the construction of their humidors.  So if you are looking for the best of old world design in a new innovative package, then look no further than the Adorini Sorrente Deluxe humidor.

While the Adorini Sorrente Deluxe Humidor can not easily be found in retail locations you can have confidence in ordering this piece from This is where received ours from and it was delivered to our door within days.

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