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About Us

Let us start from explaining you who we are and what we are doing here, on We’re a young but skilful team full of passion for great cigars from all over the world. We know how a good cigar should look, smell and taste, so our reviews could be very useful for you ;) We’ll keep you informed about the latest novelties in the cigar word, our own cigar experiences – so that you can tell what’s right from what’s wrong and choose a cigar for your own palate.

We’d like to assure you we’ll be doing our best to make the fullest cigar review list – to give you the possibility to take a look at any cigar manufactured in the world. You can also add something useful to those reviews – with your own remarks and opinions because all of them will be open for general discussion.

We hope you’ll enjoy your stay here and will be coming back for more and more because we are not planning to make you feel bored.

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